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2. Spearh‍‍‍ead‍‍‍

1‍‍‍. AngelList‍‍‍

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4. Invest and Advice

What is spearhead?

What is Spearhead?

What’s the time commitment expected?

Will my Spearhead investments be public?

How many people are in each batch?

How often will Spearhead have a batch?

What’s in it for Spearhead to give strangers funds?

What parts of the investing process does AngelList handle?

*Why did you name it Spearhead?

[If on-boarded] How does it work?

What are the steps I follow when I’m ready to make my first Spearhead investment?

Are there fees or other costs I should know about?

Does anyone have to approve my investments?

Will I get a second fund? / *Is there an opportunity to get more fund dollars over time? *What happens when I’ve spent all of the $$?

Are there limits on the investments I can make?

Is this fund really mine, and do I get to keep my profits?

Who are we looking for / who fits

What kinds of people should apply?

Do I have to be accredited?

What are some examples of people who have Angel Funds on AngelList today?

Do I have to live in a certain geographic area to apply?

*Do I have to be a US citizen?

*I’ve already written angel checks, can I still apply?  

Why should you want to do it?

What kinds of skills will the Spearhead program teach me on angel investing?

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Questions ?

Email us at questions@spearhead.co


Naval Ravikant of AngelList and Jeff Fagnan sit down to discuss their‍‍‍ visi‍‍‍on behind‍‍‍ spearhead